A face to face encounter with our researchers


Coral reefs are underwater ecosystems that are built by and made up of thousands of tiny animals – clusters of polyps – mostly known as “corals” which have small tentacles and famous for their colors.

It is a fact that nowadays many of the once-magnificent corals in our oceans are dying. A global-scale change on our blue planet is dulling previously colorful reefs and threatening countless organisms.

Scientists and researchers are working on innovations that might mitigate the decline of reefs, like coral farming, which creates nurseries for fragments of corals to grow into maturity before being re-installed in their natural habitat. The concept of “coral reef restoration” is to restore the structure and the function of a degraded ecosystem, habitat or area. The goal of this technique is to help the coral reefs, the most diverse of all marine ecosystems, to return to a condition that is close to the condition prior to the disturbance.

In 2017, MaRHE Center has started an intensive program of Coral Reef Restoration techniques along with Corales de Paz. This 10-days workshop takes place in the Maldives and is attended by international participants in will to learn the best coral farming techniques.


At MEETmeTONIGHT 2018, the event taking place in Milano (Giardini Indro Montanelli) on September 28th and 29th, we will present our work and our successful goals on this topic. And we will be glad to invite all our visitors to help us re-building a reef placed in our stand. How? Come to discover this activity proposed in collaboration with our sponsor FILA!